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What is the value of a deceased person's Estate necessary to trigger an Estate Tax Return and what are the filing deadlines?

Fort Walton Beach, FL |

The parties live (/d) in N.C.
Must a N.C. and Federal Estate Tax Return both be filed?
Thank you.

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It depends on the year of death, but for 2013, no return is required unless the gross estate (all assets, including life insurance proceeds) exceeds $5.25 million. The return and any tax are due nine months from the date of death, although one can apply for an automatic six month extension to file (not pay). North Carolina follows the same rules. Even if a return is not required, it might be advisable to file one to preserve the unused exemption of the first spouse to die.


Mr. Herman-Giddes is 100% correct. I would strongly suggest hiring an attorney to help you handle the estate matters, especially for an estate of this size.

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I agree with my colleagues.

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