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What is the usual consequence of driving on a suspended license for the second time in florida?

Daytona Beach, FL |

My fiance was pulled over for the light on the license plate being out while he was driving on a suspended license for the second time.

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I would want to know why the license was suspended. If her license was suspended for a DUI, for example, she would most likely get ten days or more in jail.

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If his license is suspended for Reckless Driving, and he can't get his D/L back while the case is pending, then jail time is definitely on the table. Also, tell him a third DWLSR is a felony!!! So he better not drive w/out a D/L again !


Since I happen to practice in Daytona Beach, let me tell you a few things. He should not have plead to Racing on the Highway, and it sounds like he did not as you say he was charged with reckless. In our circuit, Racing on Highway has been found to be unconstitutional. Secondarily, if he has plead to another suspended dl charge, and has the reckless driving or racing charge within five years, another driving on a suspended charge will pull a five year habitual off ender suspension! Your friend is looking at 30 days in our jurisdiction as well as the five year suspension.
Please tell him it is critical he hire counsel to get this charge dropped to a No Valid DL charge and to reduce or do away with the jail time. He cannot do that himself.



i was not racing. the question i asked is what i would like an answer to. i dont know that person

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