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What is the time limit in ga to reopen a speeding ticket?

Covington, GA |

I received a ticket in 08 and I have my CDLs.This ticket is stopping me from getting a job.Is there any kind of way this case can be reopen to see if I can get it reduced.

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Your only relief will be an extraordinary motion for new trial (I have only heard of one beoing granted in 10 years). These are extremely rare. You need to show new evidence came to light wich was not known until now.



Question Scott. I live in Florida, received a 20 over speeding ticket in Georgia in 2009. At the time I owned an electrical company. Did not agree with ticket, however did not contest because it was approx. 150m one way to set for court, then appear for court. I have subsequently closed my electrical company and started CDL school. I am finding myself in the same situation as the original poster. Could I submit and argue that without representation, I was unaware of all of the potential implications of the guilty plea (paying the fine) and thus attempt to have the case heard?