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What is the time limit for an immigration judge to hold an asylum case without decision?

San Antonio, TX |

my asylum case has ended 60 days ago(finished all master and individual hearings) but I didn't receive any decision yet.

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Judges have no time limits. Most want to process cases quickly, but some will hold onto decisions for extended periods due to workload or other factors. You don't describe your case, so we can't determine whether the delay may be to your benefit or detriment. In any event, if the immigration judge takes an inordinately long time, say a year or so, you could file a motion for decision. If the judge denies your application you can file an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals within 30 days of the decision. I recommend you consult with an experienced and reputable immigration attorney.

Scott D. Pollock


It can take a long time. Consult a local attorney who knows the habits of theimmigration judges

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There is no particular time limit. You should check with your attorney (if you had one) because the immigration court would mail the decision to your attorney. Best of luck!

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