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What is the statute of limitations on Pandering in California?

Los Angeles, CA |

Also does the statute of limitations go into effect prior to or after an agreement has been signed but prior to sentencing?

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I'm not sure how the statute of limitations has any applicability to your case whatsoever since you state you already plead guilty and have been sentenced to 1 year in county jail.

Example of statute of limitations being applicable: You committed the crime of pandering 3 years ago. No charges were filed within 3 years. Charges were filed 3 1/2 years after the felony offense was allegedly committed. You then have the right to file a motion for dismissal based on the statute of limitations.

So, unless there is something I am misunderstanding, it doesn't apply to your case.

As to a request to do your time in LA County jail: My first thought is - did you/your attorney request that you could serve your time in Los Angeles county when you were sentenced? If not, then you could "walk in" to court asap, by going to the clerks' office at 8am , requesting that your matter be heard, then going to the particular Courtrooom. Then when the Judge calls your matter, make your special request. It's up to the Judge. I recommend contacting the attorney who handled this matter - you may want him/her to help you with this. And he/she may have a good idea as to whether the Judge will grant this request.

I imagine you also want your Felony Formal Probation to be in LA County as opposed to SBD County since you state you live in LA County. You can request that from the Judge as well. It's up to the Judge. If the Judge denies this request, you will have to work your SBD Probation Officer to have your Probation transferred to LA County. That can take some time for the paperwork to go through.

Best of luck.



Thank you for responding. But no the request wasn't brought up. I found out I had the worst paid lawyer I have ever hired in my life. This deal I could have gotten with a public defender. I am to turn myself in to do my time in SBC next month in May. Speaking with a friend, he made the suggestion of getting my jail time transferred to LAC since I live in LAC not SBC. I spoke to my lawyer about it and he stated that it cannot be done because SBC has jurisdiction over my case and if I had another charge in LAC then it would be possible. But your statement above sort of contradicts his statement.

Brian Andrew Bezonsky

Brian Andrew Bezonsky


It is true that SBC has jurisdiction over your matter, presuming the crime was that you plead guilty to was committed in SBC. And it is also true that the Court may not allow you to do your time in LA County. At sentencing, this would be something to consider in seeking some sort of alternative sentence. Perhaps your attorney did consider all possibilities and none were available. I don't know anything about the details of your case, so I won't even try to judge your prior attorney.