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What is the statute of limitations on nursing home abuse cases?

Milwaukee, WI |

My grandmother was in a nursing home 11 years ago and had a stroke and the nurse did not recognize it. She passed away 9 years ago after a long battle. Is it too late to take any action?

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Im not licensed in Wis, so will defer to the others. If you cant file suit, you may still be able to report the incident to the State dept that licenses and regulates nursing homes. I dont know if they will have interest in investigating, after this much time. If they do, it wont put money in your pocket, but it may cause them to be fined or put under more scrutiny. If they investigate, they may find other violations, such as a failure to report the incident originally.

Good luck.


Unfortunately, it is too late. Generally, the statute of limitations in a nursing home case is 3 years from the date of the last negligent act. Since your mother passed away more than 3 years ago, the time to bring a lawsuit has passed.


As a felow Milwaukee attorney who knows Attorney Scoptur well, you are unfortunately out of luck because the statute of limitations has long passed.

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