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What is the statute of limitations on fine and cost in pa.

Lancaster, PA |
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Difficult to answer this question as stated. There is no "Statute of Limitations" on the payment of fines and costs. However, one could argue, I think successfully, that once your maximum sentence expires (was it something like 23 and 1/2 months?) and the probation department did not attempt to violate your probation or file some kind of contempt petition then they no longer have jurisdiction over you. Was a judgement entered against you? This judgement could affect your credit rating. Also, there may be an outstanding bench warrant for your arrest for your failure to pay, but I know I would argue that the bench warrant is no stale if the police/probation did nothing in an attempt to find you. I would need to know why you are asking this question to give you a better answer.



i was scentenced to 5-12 years arount 1998 and i was released on minium to a half way house and finished my parole with out a violation i asked all of my state parole agents if i had to pay court coast and fines and they could nevere find any now i have montgomery county sending some to collections and still have another set.