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What is the statute of limitations on filing a domestic assault charge in arizona?

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my mother went to retrieve some property that belongs to her dad and was invited in to the house and as she was retrieving the property my cousin physically manhandled my mother to get her out of the house and during this she feared for her safety and kneed and kicked him in the groin to get him to let loose.cops told her he has every right to press charges which he said hes not going to but i'm just curious on the statute of limitations on him filing?

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You'd have to ask an attorney who's licensed to practice in Arizona. You may want to re-post the question there. But when you do, please bear this in mind: There is no such thing as "filing charges" or "pressing charges" for the victim of a crime. Criminal charges are investigated by the police and brought before the court by the District Attorney. Private citizens can report crimes to the police and cooperate with the DA in making their cases (and that's usually what we mean when we talk about "pressing charges"), but that's all they can do. No private person can compel (or refuse) a criminal prosecution.

Acts of violence can, however, also result in civil causes of action, such as lawsuits for assault or restraining order petitions. These laws vary by state, and you can discuss these issues with an Arizona attorney as well, if these incidents happened there.

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