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What is the statute of limitations on bullying?

Tampa, FL |

My daughter has been bullied by her teacher. Racial/ethnic intimidation, humiliation, etc. Incidents were reported to the principle, AP, district head and NOTHING has been done to date!! HE is still teaching, and my daughter has dropped out.........with NO desire to finish her education. We are talking about an A and B student whom was to attend the University of Michigan (such as I did). I am ANGRY, HURT, BITTER, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN...... Just wondering if I can still take legal actions, because it is clear to me the school nor, the district are going to do anything about this HORRIFIC matter!! Thank you in advance for your time.

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These are typically very difficult cases to prove and win. You're most likely looking at a 4 year statute of limitations from the date of the last harassment depending on what specific causes of action you bring.