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What is the statute of limitations on accident judgements?

Warminster, PA |

An accident occured May 2000 & I was found at fault (the vehicle I was driving was uninsured & I did not know that because I had been lied to about that- my own stupid fault). I made payments when I could but have had financial difficulties & could not continue paying A judgement was entered against me & my licence has been suspended.
The legal office collecting the debt does not respond to me, even after getting the lawyer, himself, on the phone, I have been unable to get information. The office does not return my calls or e-mails.
The amount of the debt is about $10,000.
Is there anything I can do to get my licence back? Is there a limit on these types of collections?
Can I get a licence for driving for work purposes?

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Contact a vehicle and traffic law attorney in your area or find one here on Good luck with it.

The information provided herein is for informational purposes and should not be construed to establish an attorney client relationship. To establish such a relationship, the prospective client would need to meet with me in person, and have a detailed discussion about all the facts and circumstances surrounding your case.


I agree with Mr. Varble, contact a lawyer that handle traffic cases. There may be a process to get your license back when you show that you have an installment agreement to pay the judgment. Good luck.


Consult with a local lawyer who handles license suspensions. Let him/her guide you through the process.

The information provided is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. I am only licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I am not providing you with specific legal advice. The law changes frequently and varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Being general in nature, the information provided may not apply to any specific factual and/or legal set of circumstances and/or the jurisdiction where you reside. No attorney-client relationship is formed nor should any such relationship be implied. The information provided is of a general nature is not intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney, especially an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. Your question, although you may believe is simple, it is not simple. You require legal advice, please consult with a competent attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.


All of the previous answers are good. However, if none of those approaches works for you, you may consider a bankruptcy. The cost of a simple personal bankruptcy is less than $10,000.00, and it resolves not only the judgment you asked about, but other debts as well. This is only a last resort, but it might be worth consideration.

This communication is intended as general information and not specific legal advice, and this communication does not create an attorney-client relationship. To get legal advice, consult an attorney in your local area or the area where the issue is located. It should not be relied upon as legal advice. The response is based on the limited facts provided, and without any independent investigation of the author. Given additional or different facts, the response would likely change. The attorney providing this response is only licensed in Pennsylvania, and you should contact an attorney in your jurisdiction if it is outside Pennsylvania.


Consult a PA lawyer who does traffic cases. Good luck.


Hire a local attorney. One avenue not suggested in the others answers is to see if your lawyer can negotiate a settlement for a one time payment. The lawyer should have better luck getting ahold of the debt collector. You may be able to get a substantial discount for a settlement. That would solve the license issue, the debt collection issue and help your credit without resorting to bankruptcy or other payment plans in an attempt reinstate your license.


Retain a local Warminster lawyer to resolve it. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool to find a top-rated Avvo lawyer with a low contingency fee within a couple miles of your home. Good luck.

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