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What is the statute of limitations on a State Income Tax public record lien that credit bureaus can keep reporting?

Temple Hills, MD |

In 2003 I met with the State Comptroller to dispute a tax debt they conjured against me because I didn't file taxes for 3 years while I was nearly at death doors. They twisted the law that said they could use the best information of income available to them, double it and add penalties and interest. One year I earned $11,000 when the illness began taking it's toll. Another year I earned $4000. 3rd year I didn't earn any money. I was on disability leave in and out of the hospital and flat on my back at home. I got some notices from the Maryland State Comptroller's office but I was physically and mentally weak, just trying to live. The state Rep took a year when I earned $50,000 doubled that and added some fee and called it a tax debt and got a court judgement for it $103,000 in taxes.

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You should immediately hire tax counsel to dispute this debt. Although the Comptroller was entitled to use an estimate, you were given time to contest that estimate and submit your actual taxes. Now that it has gone to judgment, you will have to have the judgment vacated (unless it is still within the period to appeal), so you should move quickly on this.