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What is the statute of limitations in Tennessee for abuse of child by authority figure.

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this involves being locked in closet by teacher. being paddled in front of whole class. left in auditorium of school all day.

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There seem to be a variety of claims that can possibly be pursued from these facts presuming that there are injuries. I don't know what specific statutes that TN has relative to this type of claim or the tolling provisions that apply. You should consult immediately with a local personal injury attorney to discuss and make sure that if you do have a viable claim that it is timely filed.


Generally speaking, TN has a 1 year statute of limitation for personal injury type claims. However, that period is often tolled (i.e. delayed or paused) during the time a child remains under 18 years old. The applicability and calculation of these periods can be tricky, though, and you should consult a lawyer immediately if you believe you have a situation that warrants legal action.

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The statute may be tolled if you were a minor, so call the above lawyer in your state who answered above for specific answers

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