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What is the statute of limitations for sexual abuse in California?

Ramona, CA |

A sexual abuse on a minor who is now 28 occurred 12 years ago (voyeurism and physical contact). Is there a statute of limitations for bringing charges.

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The DA can bring charges up until she is 28; afterwards she may be barred by the statute unless some clever attorney thinks of a way around it.


It truly depends on the reported conduct. Depending on the circumstances, the statute of limitations may not even begin to run until after a victim reports the crime. Any person who suspects they are a target of such allegations should refrain from talking to anyone about it except for a defense attorney. Most defense attorneys provide free consultations.

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I trust the other counsels' answers with respect to the criminal aspect, but it by "bring charges," you mean to sue that person in a civil court for damages, then please read the following article that I wrote on that subject and posted on my firm's website: "STATUTES OF LIMITATION FOR CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE LAWSUITS." I tried to paste it here, but too many words. However, it pertains to and discusses the limitations set forth in California Code of Civil Procedure section 340.1. Good luck.

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Depends on the specific conduct alleged.

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