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What is the statute of limitations for being sued for an accident that I was not ivolved in?

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Two years ago the insurance on my vehicle expired on the vehicle i was driving. I was a single mom of six and was the only provider for myself , my daughter and grandson who lived with me at the time. I hung my keys up by the door and got a ride to the store. While I was gone, my son came by and borrowed my car as he had done in the past. Of course he had an accident and although it wasn't his fault he was ticketed. The driver of the other vehicle was taken to the hospitol and we were informed that the vehicle he was in also had no insurance. That day I spoke to the owner of the vehicle and was informed of the same. The next day she managed to get an insurance agent to cover the accident. They proceeded to sue my son but made no mention of me. One year after the accident the state suspended my drivers license. I have yet to be mentioned in any lawsuit that I am aware of. I still have no drivers license. What is the statute of limitations for being sued for this accident and how long can the state hold my license hostage? I have tried to keep insurance on my vehicle since but it has lapsed a few times due to lack of funds. Why should I continue to insure a vehicle when I cannot drive? I no longer have that vehicle so I cannot prove that the accident was not my sons fault although if everyone was honest and told the truth it would be easily proven. The officer that issued the ticket was not able to give one to the other driver and was using my son as a scapegoat to avoid more paperwork.

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In Kansas two years is the personal injury statute of limitations. Also, in Kansas most intentional torts have a one year statute of limitations. In Kansas most actions for negligence have a statute of limitations of two years. No cause of action may be filed more than ten years after the date of injury in Kansas.

Check with a Kansas lawyer in your locale to discuss more of the details.

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