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What is the Statute of limitations for a payday loan in washington?

Vancouver, WA |

I had a payday loan that I was last able to make a payment on in augest of 2008. I have since lost my job and have not been able to make another payment. I got the loan online from another state but lived in washington.

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In Washington, suits based on a breach of contract (like not repaying your loan) or accounts receivable must be filed within 6 years of the breach.

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To expand on Mr. Dore’s answer… It is correct that your payday loan, which was founded on a written contract, does have a statute of limitations of 6 years. However, if the creditor actually reduces the debt to a judgment the debt could linger for a period of 10 years from the date of the judgment. In addition, in the State of Washington a judgment could be renewed for an additional period of 10 years. So although you can only be sued for the debt in the next 6 years, if a judgment is taken it could follow you for an additional 20 years

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