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What is the statute of limitation for negligence, medical malpractice, and discrimination in Maine?

Rockland, ME |

I was incacerated at a county jail for a period of two months. I am disabled [I have cerebral palsy]. During this time I was placed in a living situation where I was alone, and the conditions were unsafe. This resulted in me falling more than once. I was also seen without clothing by male guards because of being forced to shower in an unsafe area, alone [the floors were linoleum with no grip to prevent falling]. I was also denied things that other inmates were allowed because I was physically unable to do them. Additionally I was taken of my regular meds and given other meds by someone who was not qualified to treat me, making my muscles weaker and causing a fall. I think all this may fall under a few different laws but its been a few years, and Im not sure what I can do, if anything.

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please see the following link.

you should contact a local attorney

good luck

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