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What is the status of class action lawsuit against countrywide?

Anniston, AL |

I signed up for a class action lawsuit against countrywide mortgage in 2008, I believe. I was with a district attorney in San Diego Ca. but I have been ill, moved several times and cannot find any information.

My home is in Montana, though I live in Alabama now because i couldn't afford to stay in my home. I believe I was a victim of fraud and predatory lending by Countrywide and my home is scheduled to be auctioned off on November 11, 2010. Montana is one of the states currently under review for it's foreclosures.

Please let me know what I need to do to make sure I am in this lawsuit and try to avoid losing my home. I have a long story I would be happy to discuss with you if I am writing to the right place.

Thank you very much! Vicky Hamilton

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There have been numerous class action lawsuits against Countrywide, covering everything from federal securities fraud to consumer fraud. Your question does not provide enough information to determine which class action relates to your particular situation. You should contact a class action lawyer to discuss your circumstances and determine whether you are a member of a class that is already in litigation.

There is a wave of new cases that are being brought on behalf of people who lost their homes due to flawed foreclosure proceedings based on false affidavits. However, without more information I have no way of knowing whether that is your situation.

Finally, you should contact your local legal aid office for assistance in the fighting the foreclosure sale.

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