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What is the statue of limitations on a fender bender, no injuries.Minor damage. Claim is too small to claim on insurance,

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My 19yr old son was driving my car which is insured, but he was not added to my insurance when the fender bender happened. Will the insurance cover him even if he was not added? The damage is soo small, it makes no sense to claim on my insurance anyhow. Could i be the one sued because it was my insured car, or will my son be the one sued, he was driving and the only one in the car at time of fender bender. Remember he was not added as a drivver to my insurance. Thanks, Debra Bailey

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You need to check with your insurance company to see if your son is covered even though he is not named on the policy.

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John K Lassen


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You should check on your coverage for drivers that are not added to your policy. Also, it is difficult to say whether or not you could be sued as there are some factors that need to be considered. First, if the damage is as limited as you say and no parties required medical treatment it is less likely that you will be sued, as the damages would be very small. That said, you can never be sure what medical treatment people will seek and medical bills can be racked up pretty quickly. Also, who was the driver at fault? If a police report was created and it attributes most of the fault to the other driver, you probably will have to worry less about being sued. In any event, if you are contacted by the other driver or their attorney regarding compensation for the accident you should turn it over to your insurer so that they can handle it.

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You do not give us enough information to determine whether or not your son is actually covered. Permissive drivers are covered under your policy. I suggest that you call your insurance company immediately and report this fender bender. Failure to report the accident may void your coverage even if you have it.

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