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What is the statue of limitations in OHIO on doctors bills or hospital services? Can these charges be taken out of a tax refund?

Millbury, OH |

My daughter received her 2009 income tax refund, and there was a note from the attorney general, stating 30 some dollars had been deducted from her refund to go toward a doctor or procedure bill that was from July 2001.
She was 18 years old then and on parents insurance. Neither of us had any idea there was any outstanding charges, it had never showed up on a credit report & we had never received a bill& have lived at the same address for 20 years. We don't have a clue what or who the charges were form.

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The statute of limitations to collect a debt in Ohio is 15 years. I cant imagine why the AG would be involved in a collection action unless the medical provider was a state institution. You should contact the AG and request an explaination as well as an itemization of any alleged debt.


Generally, if you signed a form consenting to pay for services not covered by insurance, that agreement is a binding contract allowing the medical provider 15 years to sue you for any amounts owing. The Attorney General does collect medical bills for state hospitals such as OSU hospital and its affiliates as well as the doctors employed by OSU. They will deduct your outstanding bill from any state return you have coming.

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