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What is the statue of limitations in Georgia to be able to file a civil suit against the county/police for false arrest/imprison

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Can you get an extension of time if you can show justifiable reason for not having filed your complaint within the limitation. For example, If I was in jail for two years before the case was dismissed. When I got out would I still be able to pursue a civil rights lawsuit in Georgia.
Obviously it is almost impossible to pursue a civil case while in jail with the resources available and you have to be concerned about filing a suit against the county while you are still in their custody. If the statue of limitations starts at the time of arrest and is only two years you would not be able to even start the case before your window of opportunity expires.

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The statute of limitations is the same as for personal injury suits, two (2) years from the complained about event.

There is nothing which prevents you from filing a federal civil rights suit while you are in custody, but it is subject to review and rejection by the District Court.

Most state law claims are barred by sovereign immunity.

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