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What is the statue of limitations for annulment in california?

San Francisco, CA |

Married in 'jest' - with a stranger- who went back to Europe 3 days later - and never heard from again-
It has been 20 years and I now wish to marry but find this is still legal in Nevada-
I am in California and wish to annull- I found my spouse and she agrees-Do I have to get a divorce due to the time- we never lived together-there are no children or property. It was consumated.

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The grounds for an annulment of marriage are laid out in Family Code sections 2200 (incest), 2201 (bigamy), and 2210 (a - f) (too young, prior marriage, unsound mind, fraud, force, and physical incapacity). I would consult with an attorney to see if a valid argument could be made under any of the above Family Codes.

If proceeding with an annulment is not an option, you will need to proceed with a full divorce proceeding. If you truly believe it will be uncontested though, the process can be extremely easy, and many attorneys may even take the case for a flat fee.


Sorry, but I don't think you'll qualify; "I was doing something stupid" isn't grounds for an annulment. It's proably easier and cheaper to do an UNCONTESTED DISSOLUTION.