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What is the statue of limitation on a bad check in louisiana??

Jennings, LA |

I got a letter and a call saying I owed for 2 50.00 checks I wrote back in 2004-2006 and I have to now pay 220.00 of they are going to put a warrant out for me. They said they sent me a paper years ago about it but I never got anything. If that was the case wouldn't they have put a warrant out for me years ago cause I didn't act on it when I got this letter. What is the statue of limitation on a bad check in Louisiana?

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Attorney answers 1


You will want to take a look at the law for yourself unless a local attorney chooses to respond to your question. Most states post their laws on the state website, and many courts post cases that have been filed online as well, so searching can be pretty simple as well. If a lawsuit was filed before the sol expired, you will be out of luck. If the sol has indeed expired, you may need to file paperwork with the court to claim the sol as an affirmative defense. Hope this perspective helps!