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What is the statue of limitation for reporting id theft in the state of Illinois.

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I used a womans credit card that i found back in late 2006 begining of 2007 the woman never pressed charges or even filed a police report well, the problem is that in the begining of last year the police came to my house with a search warrant for another person that had filed a police report for id theft against me and took some of the things that i had brought with the womans credit card two years earlier and now they are saying that the case has gone federal because i used the card over the internet ,no charges have been filed yet but, if i admit that some of the items taken were from another credit card years ago can or will they have the right to charge me with another crime. One of the items taken was a computer that they are asking for permission to search. What should i do? I have an attorney just wanted a second opinion.

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First, you should not be talking to anyone other than your attorney. Posting details here is "talking to someone". You have the right not to incriminate yourself and want to make sure that nothing you say above will help prove the case against you. I suggest you show this post to your attorney as soon as possible.

But to answer your Federal Question, you are probably looking at a 1028 or a 1028A violation, which deals with Identity Theft and Aggravated Identity Theft. There is also an issue of possible wire fraud connected with the use of the Credit Card. Generally speaking, the Federal Statute of Limitations on Federal Crime is five years.... However, you need to check with your attorney to determine the correct limitation.

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