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What is the statue code for "premises and security liability" law in the state of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN |

I live in the state of Minnesota, and I've been representing myself in a civil lawsuit for an injury I sustain at a nightclub back in June 2012. The medical bill was around $50,000. I am currently preparing an Opposition to Motion For Summary Judgement filed by the defendant lawyers. What I cant seem to grasp is the Statue Code for "Premises and Security Liability" laws. If you can please find the time to help me look this up, I will deeply appreciate it.
Kind Regards

Kind regards

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Regardless of what the code says, you are making a mistake by trying to do this pro se. Try to hire a lawyer to get involved before it is too late.



yes, I understand having a lawyer does help, But it doesn't necessary mean i will win the case either.

David Ian Schoen

David Ian Schoen


No, but it will maximize your chance of winning or settling at a fair amount, and minimize your chances of losing or getting a poor settlement.


Consult and hire an attorney ASAP as representing yourself is very likely a huge mistake.

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Don't play lawyer, retain one. Why sabotage your claim?


Hello. I believe that what you might want to study as a starting point is the Restatement (Second) of Torts and the multitude of case law. Please confer privately with an attorney for legal advice for your particular legal issues, as this website provides general information, not legal advice. You should seek attorney counsel with no delay as you may irrevocably lose certain rights by delay. Some attorneys are available seven days for emergency legal needs. Many attorneys will confer initially at no charge. Then, if legal work is performed, some attorneys will provide a reduced fee for financial hardship. Some attorneys may also assist you in limited scope manner to conserve legal costs. All the best.

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why on earth are you doing this on your own? do you drill and fill your own cavities? no. do you perform your own blood work? no. hire a lawyer now.


You need to hire an attorney immediately, if it is not too late. There is no specific Statute for "premises and security liability" law. It is possible the dram shop laws apply. It is possible common law negligence applies. You seem to be treading in waters that are dangerous, without realizing the danger. If the defendant is successful in its summary judgment motion, this will likely foreclose any chance of pursuing your claim.

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