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What is the sentence for theft first degree in alabama

Troy, AL |

i worked for a company that was under bankruptcy and i paid bills out of my pocket and what i did was pay myself back 2200.00 i also was the manager they said i did not have the authoeity to do that. so they pressed charges on me. fought it for six years judge threw it out twice they inditied me the second thrown out again they appealed it my lawery did not answear the apeal. then got to court that mourning 5minutes later the lawer wanted me to plead guilty and go in the pre trial diversion program but they are no way yo complete the program . i got laid off from my job had to go to work as over the road truck driver please help me with this thanks

also i left out this i have never ben in trouble beore just one speeding ticket i am 44 years old thanks

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Attorney answers 1


The range of punishment for Theft of Property First Degree is two to twenty years in prison. If you have any questions you should contact your attorney. If you are not satisfied with your attorney you should talk with him first but if you are unable to resolve the conflict you should hire an attorney who you can work with. You can contact me if this is the case. I have offices in Enterprise (same circuit as Troy) and Dothan.


Bryan Blackwell