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What is the sentence for second degree trafficking in stolen goods in AZ?

Mesa, AZ |

Right now I'm sitting on 4 trafficking stolen goods charges (class 3 felony) and I am trying to get an idea of what is going to happen to me. I stole from my last job and traded it in for cash (made about $40 total) and after paying them back to avoid shoplifting charges, I am getting charged with this. I am hoping for some mercy in this situation since I am supposed to be starting my freshman year in college and I have a child on the way.

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Have you received a summons or an indictment?
What stage in the process are you in? Arraignment? Pre-trial conference? Preliminary Hearing? Trial?
You can probably get a deal that involves probation rather than prison. However, the key is to resolve the case(s) without a felony conviction. It is difficult to tell you "what is going to happen to you" without more facts. For example; has the state filed a 702.02 allegation; has the state alleged priors; did you make a statement to police; what are the "goods"; does the employer want you convicted?

You can call my office if you want to discuss further.

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