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What is the rights of a future finance`(girl) told she would be part of the family (marriage) shown a family engagement ring

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lead to believe she was in a future with a guy and his family then dumped shortly after that. They (the couple ) were together a year. I am a wedding planner (newly) and am in this situation with my roomate who wanted me to do their wedding and i suspect has another girl on the side. I told the girl (future finance`) to move on but she feels very jilted. Guys of today think i have found they can do no wrong in the engagement process even make a many future finance`s or lead them too!! I know their our laws to even this help !

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The legal cause of action for these types of situations ("heartbalm actions") was eliminated in Ohio some time in the last century.

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Thank you for your help !! As a wedding planner I try to help in any way. I told the girl and see knows and has moved on with a new guy.

Deborah Zaccaro Hoffman

Deborah Zaccaro Hoffman


Hope it works out for them!

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