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What is the right way to file a complaint against a Government Agency ? Can anyone out there lead me in the right direction.

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I was hired overseas by a Government Agency,but on the payroll as a local national. And was paid in that country's currency. To include taxes of that country for the first three years. the tax treaty changed and I began paying American taxes. After several years the laws were reversed but my employer didn't inform it's employees until years after the IRS started auditing people. SOS

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You need to hire a tax lawyer if you get audited. It will take some searching to find the right one. It is highly unlikely that you can make a successful claim against the agency under these facts. I have had some exposure to claims by government contractors arising overseas. and they seem to be almost impossible to bring in court. Usually the contracts contain language that insulates both the formal employer and the government from liability. There is also the problem of governmental immunity. If you were to pursue this matter in the courts it would be very difficult and expensive. You should have your contract reviewed by a lawyer, however. It may contain a provision for administrative claims or arbitration.

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There are steps you must follow before filing suit against a government entity as they are protected under sovereign immunity. This is a difficult process and you should consult an attorney to assist you due to the many consequences of making a mistake. Best of Luck.

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Why are you considering suing the government (which is immune in suit and has bottomless pockets to quash such an action)? For changing the applicable code? It not clear that you have any grounds to sue the government

You MAY have something against your employer--but I am skeptical that they have failed in some duty.

Recommend you see an employment lawyer in your area and have a chat about options. Many offer free consultations.

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Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III


Mr. Brophy's observations about your employment contract are right on the money.


Best bet is to retain a tax lawyer and focus on the tax issue.

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