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What is the responsibility of a plumber who saws a hole in a basement wall for pipes and the length of time he is responsible?

Waukon, IA |

A plumber sawed a hole in my basement wall to bring new well pipes through. I had always noticed moisture in my basement after that and contacted the plumber. He told me it was condensation & to get a dehumidifier. I did not know there was a new hole in the wall as it was in a closet, the sheet rock and baseboard concealed it to a degree. 3 years ago I began to notice mildew and tore the sheet rock and carpet out of the closet, (still thinking this was condensation) I began running another dehumidifier. Other mold was found. Last year we had a drought, so I had very little moisture in basement. This year we had a heavy rains and my basement became soaked. I needed to remove carpet & sheet rock from the whole basement room. I found mold under the carpet and had to removed it.

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You should have made demand sooner. Plumber would use statute of limitations as a defense. Contact a local construction lawyer to see if you have a case. Also, make sure plumber has assets on which you could attach. Best of luck.


I agree with my colleague.

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You'll need to sit with a local attorney to examine the facts and the dates and to ascertain whether your damages will substantiate litigation. As has been pointed out, the statute of limitations may be a problem for you here.

I may be guessing or not licensed in your state. No atty/client relationship exists. I earn my living collecting points for "helpful" answers.