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What is the reasonable penalty for BAC .15 in Irvine? Also, does it matter that I was driving with an out of state license?

Los Angeles, CA |
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Orange County is probably the worst place in CA to get a DUI. Typical sentence for first time with a high BAC is 30 days custody. You can probably get a combination of Caltrans and work release. You need competent DUI counsel who is familiar with the judges and D.A.s in O.C.


There is no way that anyone can tell you what tha "reasonable penalty" for a .15 BAC would be. It all depends on the specific and detailed facts of your case. You really need to discuss your case with an attorney and have them assist you with your case.

And the out of state license shouldn't matter.


Was this a first offense DUI, or do you have priors? Over 21 years old? It is possible that the prosecutor may add a VC 12500 driving without a valid license charge as CA requires an in state license within a short period after moving here. The specific answers to your questiosn can vary and I would like to know more about your case to give a better assessment. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss in more detail.

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