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What is the reason for a guardian ad litem in an adult guardianship proceedings?

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My attorney requested a guardian ad litem for the adult guardianship proceedings, I did not know this until the proceedings were filed. What was the possible reasons for my attorney's action.

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This is common in many instances. The guardian ad litem represents the interests of the alleged incapacitated person. The attorney for the proposed guardian represents that person, and since the person who is alleged to be incompetent can't understand what is going on (at least in theory) the guardian ad litem acts on that person's behalf. Usually this is in the interim and only during the proceedings until the permanent guardian is named.

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Thank You for the most helpful answer.



Now I realized my attorney, now my ex attorney told me lies, he made it seems that the lawyer( guardian ad litem) for my friend was to protect her money, and this was a protection of the money my friend had in her bank accounts. I told the attorney she had in her bank accounts, but I found out later he exploited her . I never knew that her money would pay the attorneys that the court used.

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