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What is the punishment for first degree attempted arson?

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I am doing a history project in school that has to do with the Constitution and the 8th amendment. In my scenario, there are two women (over the age of 18) who were caught trying to set fire to a store. Since the 8th amendment deals with cruel and unusual punishment, I'm trying to give an example of a punishment that would be cruel (i.e. death penalty) and an example that would actually happen in real life (i.e. five years in jail). So, in short, I was wondering, what would a fair jail time and fine be for first degree attempted arson?

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Each penal code has a maximum sentence associated with it. Look up the penal code for arson it would be Penal Code 451 or 452 depending on the facts you want to create. Since it is a homework assignment I will not do the work for you, just lead you to your answer.
Robert Driessen

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