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What is the punishment for driving with an expired Maryland driver's license? Can I avoid taking my driving test again in MD?

Hyattsville, MD |

My driver's license expired 2 years ago without my knowledge. I never received a renewal notice. I have no points. My car is insured and registered. I have never been arrested. I have no unpaid tickets or fines. I was pulled over by the police for a moving violation which is how I found out about my expired license. I will be appearing in court. I'm blaming the MVA for not sending me a renewal notice even though I've lived in the same address for 30 years. I always pay my registered fee and insurance. I've always renewed my license.

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As a franchise attorney, this is out of my area of expertise - franchise law - but I can offer the following. Renewing your drivers license is ultimately your responsibility. If it's like California, the expiration date is listed right on the front of the license.

Like the annual property taxes on a house, just because you don't receive the notice, that's no excuse for not paying what's due and on time. So I don't think your defense will go anywhere. But good luck, and consult with an attorney in your area for specific advice.

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Driving on an expired license is a crime and generally will result in a fine if you are pulled over for some other reason by an officer. Regardless of whether you received notice from the MVA (which, by the way, the expiration date is printed on the license itself in Maryland, and it expires on your birthday every four years - happy birthday from the MVA), the duty is on you to renew. Your only option is to go down to the MVA and deal with it to avoid getting additional fines should you get another ticket.

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