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What is the process to seal or, if possible, to expunge, a 13-year old DUI record in Massachusetts? Details on my case below.

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I've researched this and have some idea but would like a more steps-oriented answer. Here are my circumstances: I had a DUI in Middlesex County, MA, in 2000. It was 1st offence, alcohol only, plead guilty, it was continued without finding. I completed the program and probation and all of it is documented. No offences since.
Now, I have a green card (not a citizen) and travel between the US and Europe a lot. What happens is I get pushed to secondary inspection and lose 1-3 hrs every time I come into the US because I get a fingerprint hit. CBP advised me to get it expunged (records destroyed) so it doesn't trigger the annoying fingerprint hit. Can someone advise me on the process? I'd like to know the specific steps. The Middlesex County Court site has no information on the matter. Thanks!

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You would need to consult with a Massachusetts attorney. The laws vary from state to state.


I agree with the previous answer. Contact a DUI attorney and/or criminal defense attorney in Middlesex County. He/she should be well-versed in the steps and procedures to get this done.

Good luck.

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State expungement laws vary greatly by state. You should contact a licensed Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the state's expungement laws to determine if you are eligible for an expungement or sealing.

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