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What is the process to regain custody of my child if a guardian ad litem has been appointed

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My 14 year daughter has been appointed a Gurdian at Litem. Currently, I am in a battle to regain custody of my daughter. She was in my care for the 1st 7years and her father the secound 7 years. During a rough patch in my life I turned to the father- he only has temp custody. Her grades are poor, she is overweight, and very unhappy living with him. he is unemployed, physically abusive to other children in the home, etc... What things can I do to improve my chances of being granted custody???????

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You don't indicate whether there is an ongoing dependency matter or not. Typically, a GAL is appointed (if available) if there is an open dependency case. If this is the issue in your case, you can best improve your chances of being granted custody by complying with court ordered case plan tasks and attending all hearings, to demonstrate your responsibility and your intentions with respect to your child.