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What is the process to obtain a work visa and work in the United States while immigrating from Trinidad and Tobago?

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Looking for details and steps to take to find work in the United States. Area of work includes procurement performance analysis for an oil and gas company in Trinidad and Tobago where I have citizenship.

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If you have a job offer, then your employer in the US can petition for you, depending upon the job and your educational/experience credentials. Please hire an experienced immigration lawyer to guide you.

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I agree with my colleague. Also you may want to speak with a business immigration attorney locally.

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I agree with my colleagues ... have your prospective employer, that is located in the US, contact an immigration lawyer .... they need to be the sponsor of the visa.

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Getting a business to sponsor you may be an option, but you may have other options available, as well. It would probably be best to speak in person to go over in detail your situation to try and help determine what options may be available and be best for you. I represent many clients from T&T - in fact, my brother-in-law works for the oil and gas company in the south part of Trinidad, so I have discussed similar issues with him on numerous occasions. Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the particulars, specific to you.

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