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What is the process to get my L1A visa (valid till 2015) back on a re-issued passport (Indian) in liu of lost passport?

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I have come to US in April 2012 on L1A visa, valid till Feb. 2015. I just lost my passport (valid till May 2021). I am applying for re-issue of new passport in liu of lost passport. Once I get the new passport from Indian Consulate in New York, what is the process to get the L1A visa restamped on it? Do I have to go to India in the same US consulate (Chennai) to get it restamped or I can go to other US consulate in in India (like Mumbai) or I can get it re-stamped in nearby country like Canada? What are the fees for these 3 options and what all documents I need to resubmit to get the L1A visa re-stamped?

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You have to go to the US consulate with a copy of the approval receipt and a copy of the petition.


The same as it was to get the visa stamp in your lost passport, you apply for it at the US Embassy/Consulate.

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