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What is the process to get a new trial? the trial I had was unfair in so many ways

Providence, RI |

the judge failed to tell jury all of the laws broke
the atf and c.i. broke multiple laws and it all on record
my lawyer forced me to go pro se and judge didnt give me enough time to prepare for my case

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Attorney answers 2


Hire a lawyer and ask them if you have any legal grounds to file a Motion for a New Trial. If that route doesn't work, then you'll need to get an appellate lawyer. You can likely find someone in your area who can do both. Good luck.

This response is NOT legal advice and we do not have an attorney client relationship. I'm just giving you the law as I know it to be in your state. I am not licensed in Minnesota and I'm not telling you that you can go have sex with this girl. Whatever you decide to do, be smart and practice safe sex.


You would need a lawyer to assist you. A trained professional can review the file and determine what mistakes were made that warrant a new trial.

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