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What is the process of pressing charges? Is it up to the DAs office to follow through with the charges? (Petty Theft)

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If I, as an employee, find some kid stealing a bag of chips. What would the process be of filing charges? If I had a video of the kid stealing the chips, will the police be actively looking for the kid and what are the chances of them looking at the schools around the area? There is only one middle school and one Hugh school around here. Is it up to the DA to follow through with the charges? What are the chances of them going through with these charges? Lastly, what are the chances of the police looking for this kid? If I, as an employee, were to take this to the local news stations as a story, what are the chances of them having this as a story on the news? When do the police quit looking or pursuing these charges I am pressing or are they always going to be looking?

Additionally, what would happen if this is the kids second charge/offense vs. his first charge/offense with the law? This is a scenario to assist in a similar situation I am facing as either the victim/criminal.

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For a bag of chips I highly doubt the DA, Police, or a news station would interested in any case like that.



So it's the DAs decision to go on with the case? What if they deny it, can I press charges again?



Because from my understanding, they have a whole department dedicated to Petty thieves and misdemeanors. What would make this case different from another misdemeanor/petty thief case?


This sounds like a law school exam question - It would probably have to be a really BIG bag of chip for the police, D.A. & news reporters to be concerned (r a really slow day for news stories)

This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.



What would constitute a "really BIG bag of chips"? Like a $4-5 bag? Or a $30 bag?


I think you have posted the same question several times. The answer remains the same. You don't know until the police come to your door. At that point, hire counsel.

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