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What is the process of expunging a record?

Tampa, FL |

How much is it to expunge a record?

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Although I do not practice in your state, your attorney will have to file a petition to the court and have a hearing.


My website link here:
has information about the expunge process, along with a link to the FDLE website.



Expunging a criminal record can be challenging for someone attempting to do it without a lawyer because the process is fairly involved. In a nutshell, you must apply to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement ("FDLE") for the issuance of a Certificate of Eligibility. Once a FDLE issues the Certificate, there are certain notice requirements that have to be met and then you can file a petition with the Court. Orders expunging records are discretionary — meaning, despite the fact that you may qualify, a judge has the discretion to deny the petition (although, as general rule, most judges grant properly filed petitions by qualified applicants).

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Mr. Suarez is correct regarding the process of expunging a record. There are lot of questions that need to be asked first however. Most important, is the charge eligible to be expunged? If not expunged, how about sealed? FDLE requires a $75 processing fee, but then there are filing fees as well. It may be helpful to talk to an attorney because while usually not overly complicated, people that do these on their own often run into a lot of pitfalls. You should give Mr. Suarez or myself a call at 813-277-0800.

Craig Epifanio