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What is the process of appealing a judge's denial of a motion to continue a divorce trial? Maryland

Rockville, MD |

My husband has woefully and deliberately not provided the detailed financial information for his business. This will directly impact child support and money i am due. Multiple emails, motions, depositions later he and his lawyer have still not complied. My lawyer gave up and issues subpoenas recently but made every effort to obtain information before doing so. Judge denied motion to continue. This divorce process is less than a year old. His financial statement shows he is deliberately impoverishing himself.

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Your question indicates that you are represented by an attorney. You should consult with that attorney because often there is more background than that provided in your question. Basically, you cannot appeal a ruling on a motion to continue in the circumstance you describe. The ruling is not a final ruling, and one can only appeal from a final ruling. However, if that ruling improperly prejudices yur case, it be brought up in a later appeal.

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