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What is the process for changing the zone of my property?

Harrah, WA |

I have a 1 acre parcel within the town of harrah, wa...i would like to put another dwelling on my property. not sure how to go about it

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Depending on the local development code you may need a variance or other change to allow what you want. Go see the building officials and discuss what your options are, they may so no initially. Be patient and read the local rules. If it seem impossible go see a local land use lawyer.

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Peter Jay Visser

Peter Jay Visser


You might also consider subdividing the property, which would probably allow you to build a house on the new lot. (Unless the zoning is commercial or industrial).


You will need to consult a land use lawyer. Some jurisdictions don't allow piecemeal rezoning, while others do.

If you were in Maryland, you'd have to request a change by introducing an amendment or participate in what's called a "comprehensive rezoning" if your locality is currently undergoing that process.

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