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What is the process and timeframe for an appeal on Contempt (in family law court)?

Charlotte, NC |

Days ago had a hearing for contempt motion against my ex (custodial parent) for denial of visitation and other issues. My custody Order allows for them to miss visitation if they are in a school-related activity. The judge found contempt for other items, but on this item stated that, while admittedly was was on the fence, he deemed Boy Scouts a school-related activity. These den meetings are at a Christian church and are definitely NOT school related (as multiple landmark cases have determined BSA to be a private organization). I would like to know the options for an appeal on this item as it now not only interferes with visitation but effectively removes my ability to have input into my children's participation in this faith-based activity, as we must agree on extracirricular items.

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Speak to an attorney ASAP. Appealing a matter to the NC Court of Appeals is a complicated and very rules based process. If you miss one deadline or make one mistake in a paper, you appeal will die You also have to establish you have appealable issues. Many matters are at the discretion of the judge and the Court of Appeals will not overturn matters in the discretion of the trial court.

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