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What is the procedure to change my name while my green card is being processed? Is it advisable to do it NOW or Later?

Olympia, WA |

My husband (a USC) and I filed my green card papers recently. The checks have already been processed, so we will probably receive the I 797 soon. All the forms are filed with my maiden name as I took the medical examination (I693) a few days before we got married (and we wanted to avoid any confusion). I intend to take my husband's family name but dont know when the best time is. What procedure would I have to follow to change my name on my GC? Also, would it be more advisable to change it when I remove the "condition" on my GC (I assume if and when the application is approved, a 2 year conditional residency is offered )?. OR, Could I go ahead with the name change right now and show proof during the interview and have the Green Card in my NEW NAME?

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It would have been easier if you filed your I-485 with your married name. Maybe you can ask for your name to be changed when you appear at the interview. If they do not agree, then you could file an I-90 with proof of your legal name change to seek a replacement green card. Or you could try filing the condition removal petition with the married name. If all else fails, you can seek a legal name change as part of the naturalization process (or of course in a state court before then).


Don't do anything now. It could result in delays & confusion.