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What is the procedure for getting a felony expunged under Wisconsin criminal procedure

Milwaukee, WI |

Off probation, obeyed all rule, still working, have own place, have a child

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You should call me directly for an answer to this question. Until recently, there was no ability to get a felony expunged in Wisconsin. Now, the law has changed in that regard. However, it depends on the type of felony conviction and it depends when you were convicted. It may be difficult to get expungement in your case because your conviction probably occured before the law changed.


I agree with Attorney Cotton. If you are not able to get the conviction formally expunged, you may want to try asking for a pardon from the governor.


Your eligibility for expungement under the Wisconsin Statutes depends on your age at the time of the offense. However, even if you were above the age limit or the felony was more severe in class than that eligible for statutory expungement, you may still be able to obtain expungement of your record premised upon the inherent and equitable authority of a trial court to control access to its own records.

You should consult an attorney experienced in the nuances of expungement law.



i was convicted of a class i drug felony. I plead no contest and completed all the requirements. I have had no other criminal convictions since then which was 2006. Can i get it expunged