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What is the procedure for applying for status and citizenship if green card holder married U.S. citizen

Saint Joseph, MI |

I am a green card holder and going to marry to a citizen. What is the procedure for applying for the citizenship? Does this marriage expedite the process by any means?

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In order to file for the US citizenship one needs to file a N-400 application that could be found on USCIS website. (www.uscis,gov). Generally, a greencard holder can file for citizenship after 5 years subject to various tests, including but not limited to residence and physical presence, good moral character and other factors. A permanent residence obtained through a marriage to the US citizen entitles the green card holder to file for the US citizenship after 3 years of residence (subject to various other tests as well). US immigration laws are very complex and I strongly recommend to seek advice with an experienced immigration attorney to avoid complications, delays and unnecessary expenses in your case. Best of luck,

Alex Meyerovich