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What is the probablity of me being charged and prosecuted for DUI based solely on the testimony of the passengers in my truck?

Wasilla, AK |

After drinking at a pub I drove back home with several other people who also had been drinking at the pub. The passenger next to me grab the steering wheel resulting in the truck getting stuck in a snowbank. We pulled ourselves from the snow bank, no one was injured and there was minor damage to the vehicle. After a couple of weeks I have learned of the possibility of some of the passengers making statements I was driving while intoxicated. What are the chances I will be charged? Chances of successful conviction?

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You say that passengers were "making statements" but don't say to who. If they were making statements to law enforcement it is possible that you could be criminally charged although there would be major proof problems given that it's a couple weeks past the incident. Another issue is whether this incident was reported to insurance as an accident or whether law enforcement ever went to the scene of the accident. Your best bet is to hire an attorney to make sure that charges are not filed, an attorney can usually be retained at reduced rate to represent you before charges are filed (to help ensure that charges are not filed). You are advised not to speak about this incident to anyone except an attorney. Don't talk to the passenger (or anyone else) about this incident. Best of luck.


Not very likely from the limited facts you posted.

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