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What is the possible ways for a 15 years old to be a U.S permanent residence

Phoenix, AZ |

i'm a 15 years old Syrian boy, My 16th birthday after 25 days
i came to US with my father to apply for an asylum but he changed his mined and decided to go back to Saudi Arabia where we live
but i can't go back with him for a so many reasons
so what's the possible way to stay here and be a U.S permanent citizen
there is an old lady who is prepared to adopt me if that a way i can take
and my uncle is a doctor and he is a U.S citizen can he do a family petition ?
can i apply for asylum without my dad
me dad has no problem with me staying here alone and he will sign anything as my guardian
or a release if the lady adopt me
i love this country more than the president
i could do anything to stay here
i'm already going to a high school here in Arizona and i'm getting A's on my grades

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It is really a question that requires a specific consultation with an immigration attorney and very soon. Generally, for adoption to work you will need to be adopted before you turn 16, so you have very little time (probably not enough).


There are a few options that may be available to you but information is needed and, because of the sensitive nature of your situation, you should consider sitting down and talking with an immigration attorney in person to learn about what options may be available to you.

Best of luck to you and great job on your grades!!

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As my colleagues have noted, you should consult in private with an immigration attorney to discuss your case in detail and determine what options may be available. The adoption itself will not help you because there is not enough time for it to occur before your 16th birthday, and unfortunately your uncle cannot file a family-based petition for you. But other relief, including asylum, may be available depending on your situation. Good luck!

The answer above is general in nature and provided for informational purposes only. Specific and reliable answers will require a better understanding of all the facts and information about your case. You should consult with an attorney who can analyze the facts and law specific to your particular situation. Please be advised that the answer does not constitute legal advice and may not be viewed as establishing an attorney-client relationship of any kind.

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