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What is the possible sentence for online solicitation of a minor on the federal level?

Corpus Christi, TX |

My husband is currently being charged on the federal level with online solicitation of a minor. From what I understand, the girl was 14. He was arrested on the state level and was released on bond and then 3 days later he was arrested by federal marshalls and has been in prison ever since. His public defender told his mother and I that he was facing 10 years to life in prison. What is the typical sentence for a first time offender in this type of situation? I understand that it will depend on the specific case and details, but I was wondering what the "usual" sentence is, how much of the actual sentence he will have to serve, and if there is any possibility for some type of plea bargain and what that plea bargain may be. Thanks.

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Certainly the sentence your husband could receive will be governed by either the statutory penalties associated with the offense or the federal sentencing guidelines. Some offenses of this nature carry mandatory time. Without knowing exactly what section of the US Code your husband has been charged it is difficult to provide more information.

However, if the Federal Public Defender indicates a potential sentence of "10 years to life" then more likely than not he is facing a mandatory minimum sentence.


I practice in the Corpus Christi federal system but i must review the Indictment in order to explain the potential sentence exposure that your husband is facing. Feel free to contact me through my contact information to discuss this further.

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