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What is the possibility of a person getting arrested for "doctor shopping" for narcotics?

Stoneham, MA |

That person lives in Massachusetts. That person is not sure what the laws are for "doctor shopping" in order to get narcotics even though if that person does not have any symptoms anymore (used to be in pain but got better). That person had stopped several months ago and is getting professional treatment now for his/her addiction.
Will that person be arrested regardless if he/she had stopped doing so?
That person never ever had been arrested in the past - clean record.

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The issue is whether or not he/she broke any laws by misrepresenting their needs, committing fraud, etc. If a crime was committed, and someone finds out and reports it, in theory he/she could still be prosecuted even if now clean and in treatment.

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Doctor shopping is not a crime. The patient and the Doctor are the only ones who are in a position to "know" what transpired in the exam room, if the patient told the Doctor he was in pain and the Doctor believed him and prescribed narcotics the Doctor believed him. That leaves the Patient, he knows what was in his mind and body at the time. I would say, short of him walking into the police/DA;s office and telling them he obtained narcotics through fraud and providing evidence against himself in court, against his attorneys advice, he's probably fine.

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